Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton flaunt same push present: Prince Harry messes up?

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton got identical push presents. And since Prince William gave Kate her bling first, did ‘tense’ Prince Harry make a royal mistake?

Meghan Markle recently stepped out for the first time since gracing the world with her very first royal baby.

Meghan Markle glows in first appearance after baby

Together with Kate Middleton and Prince William, Meghan and Prince Harry stood with the Queen and other royal family members at the annual Trooping the Color for Her Majesty’s official birthday.

Glowing and smiling, Markle looked exquisite as she went through the ceremonial day.

Although some fussed about the fact that protocol called for Meghan and Harry to stand behind Kate and William on the balcony, our eyes were focused on exactly what Markle wore.

That stunning hat fully compensates for the error in judgment Meghan showed when she wore a hat some compared to the poop emoji several months ago. And her smile also makes it clear that Markle is comfortable with Harry in her role as new mommy.

But amid the pageantry and gorgeous fashion, some focused on one element of what Meghan was wearing: Markle sported new bling.

Meghan Markle push present: Same bling ring as Kate Middleton!

Meghan received the exact same push present from Prince Harry that Kate Middleton recently received from Prince William, pointed out the Express.

The royal razzle dazzle that both Markle and Middleton got from their princes involved gorgeous rings.

Meghan received a new pavé diamond ring from Prince Harry for her push present, while Kate got a huge citrine ring from Prince William.

So did Prince Harry mess up in choosing an identical gift? It may have been the result of what some see as tension in Harry’s body language.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry almost hidden on royal balcony behind Kate, William

Meghan and Harry could barely been seen on the balcony behind Kate and William, who with their kids took center stage.

A body language expert Judi James told the Express that Prince Harry wore “the blank but slightly wary expression he’s been seen doing a lot of recently.”

Opining that Harry looked tense, she noted that he seemed to be making an effort to have a “serious look for state occasions.”

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Do you think that Prince Harry messed up in choosing the same push present for Meghan Markle that Kate Middleton got from William? Share your royal views below. 

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