Meghan Markle spends 3 million taxpayers dollars on mansion: ‘Princess or Kardashian?’

Meghan Markle spends $3 million of taxpayers cash to make over her mansion, sparking demand that Prince Harry’s wife choose “princess or Kardashian.”

Meghan Markle is facing demands from some commentators that she chose whether she wants to be a princess (that is, Prince Harry’s royal wife) or a Kardashian (as in, spending exorbitant amounts of money to make herself happy and basking in the spotlight).

Meghan Markle: $3 million for mansion makeover

Thus far, Markle and Harrry have spent $3 million to make over their mansion, and all that money is from taxpayers, according to Fox News.

In all, it’s estimated that taxpayers dollars will total $3.8 million on upgrading Meghan and Harry’s home with features such as a designer luxury kitchen, fireplaces, a renovated studio, and redone staircases and floors.

With five bedrooms, Frogmore Cottage also includes fitted wardrobes and bathroom improvements for the couple and their baby.

Harry and Markle moved into the cottage in April, just a few weeks before welcoming their son Archie Harrison into the world.

Some politicians are calling it a “blatant misuse of public money” and “outrageous.”

Prince Harry’s wife must choose between becoming ‘Princess or Kardashian’

Increasingly, Meghan is earning comparisons to Kardashians such as Kim Kardashian, with her fondness for designer fashions and the spotlight.

Piers Morgan in the Daily Mail questioned why  taxpayers should “pay millions so super-rich Prince Harry and Meghan ‘Kardashian’ Markle can have a mansion makeover just because they don’t get on with Wills and Kate?”

However, the alleged feud involving Prince Harry and Meghan against Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton has never been confirmed.

But Morgan claims that Harry and Meghan already resided in a lovely apartment within Kensington Palace, and that they moved only because they didn’t want to be next door to Prince William and Kate Middleton.

When TV show Good Morning Britan conducted a poll and asked if taxpayers should be paying so much to make-over Harry and Meghan’s mansion, 87 percent responded “no.”

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