Prince William jokes about putting on quarantine weight

Prince William admits to putting on quarantine weight

The royals might reside in extraordinary castles and live lavish lifestyles, but just like you and I Prince William and Kate Middleton have found themselves spending more time at home lately due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While they’ve continued to tend to their royal duties, Prince William and Kate have been finding ways to keep themselves busy with the extra time at home. Among the many pastimes the royals have been enjoying from home is taking to the kitchen to partake in some baking — because there’s really no better family bonding experience than rolling up one’s sleeves and baking up some tasty treats.

Of course, the one downfall of whipping up more delicious baked goods at home is that it’s easy to give in to one’s sweet tooth which is something Prince William knows all too well.

“I’m worried about the waistline of the nation as well with all the chocolate and cakes,” William joked while making his first public appearance since the coronavirus pandemic. “Chocolate goes down very well,” William joked in discussing the extra baking he and his family have been doing at home in recent weeks.

There’s nothing more relatable than putting on a few pounds while quarantining at home. We honestly love William’s openness in admitting even he has struggled with packing on a few pounds thanks to his sweet tooth and love for all things chocolate. Plus is there really any better excuse to indulge in some extra baked goods than navigating through a global pandemic?

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How have you been passing time with the extra time spent at home during quarantine? Do you love seeing Prince William’s candor in admitting the extra baking has led to putting on a few extra pounds?

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