Chance the Rapper talks Kanye West on ‘The View’

Chance the Rapper recently appeared on ‘The View’ and talked on a variety of topics, including the most talked about rapper — Kanye West.

We all know the respect Chance the Rapper has for Kanye West — and vice versa. Both being from the city of Chicago, the two have connections deeper than music. Chance was recently seen on ‘The View’ and during the interview was asked to list some of his biggest inspirations that he’s worked with.

The first name that came to his head? Kanye West. As he put it, “Obviously, Kanye West. From the city.”

Just before that comment, he was explaining what kind of people he likes to work with. His answer was interesting, stating that he enjoyed working with people that had time to sit down and create music in person. In today’s generation, most people send music over the internet and that’s how a lot of these songs are made now-a-days.

That’s not Chance the Rapper’s style and it could be a reason he has separated himself from other artists his age. Here’s how Chance put it:

“Usually I look for someone I admire artistically, someone who I’ve listened to at least a little bit,” said Chance. And I like people that have a little bit of free time. I don’t like to work through the internet, that’s like the new thing. People send vocals back and forth. So, I would usually hit up someone and ask them if they have two or three days to come to Chicago, they’ll fly in, we’ll work on some production ideas, try some writing back and forth and usually we’ll come out with two or three songs and figure out where to place them.”

He also said that two artists he really wants to work with are Stevie Wonder.

Other topics during the interview included his daughter, the ‘3’ on his hat (which resembles his third mixtape, his three-prong family — him, daughter, mother of child — and the holy trinity), his success as an independent rapper, his father, his Grammy’s and most importantly his volunteer work in the city of Chicago.

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The interview is definitely worth a view. I mean, if you’re a Kanye West fan then you’re a Chance the Rapper fan.

Check it out below:

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