Kanye West almost titled one of his albums ‘Donda’s Boy’

Kanye West reportedly almost titled his album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ something completely different — ‘Donda’s Boy’.

Imagine for a second, it’s 2010 and Kanye West announces his new album ‘Donda’s Boy’ instead of titling it ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.’ That’s quite a difference in titles and kind of goes along with Kanye West‘s quick decision making — and changes.

A little while ago, I wrote an article on how Kanye West originally wanted every song in ‘Watch the Throne’ to include the “n-word.” We learned that news when David Cho appeared on a podcast titled ‘A Waste of Time’ uploaded by ItsTheReal.

This most recent news, about the ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ title, was broken on that same podcast. This time with guest Rory Farrell, ItsTheReal gets some awesome insight into the 2010 Kanye West days.

Farrell used to be an intern for Def Jam during that time and noted that he was a part of meetings that “interns were not supposed to be in.”

He recalls a time when Kanye West showed up to the Def Jam offices without warning.

“He shows up out of nowhere at the Def Jam offices like Lupe and Nas trying to get their albums out, in a full suit. He has, I want to say it was Don C’s son but don’t quote me, a child dressed identical to him, carrying his Louis Vuitton bag. Comes in and is throwing a fit at how shitty everyone is dressed. So he says, ‘I’m not doing business today until everyone is in a suit.'”

Sounds like classic Kanye to me, don’t you agree? To be honest, this is exactly what I love about Kanye — or what Kanye loves about Kanye.

He continued the story, with Kanye returning the next day and everyone in suits. After the child pours Kanye a drink into a “medieval glass,” Kanye looks at everyone and says “I’m parched, we can begin now.”

Jeez, I love Kanye.

The story continued:

“The idea was that it was going to be 10 tracks, and each track was going to be 10 minutes. ‘Runaway’ was 20 minutes long. Pusha wasn’t on it. Kanye was singing for 15 minutes of it at the end.” The bonus track “See Me Now” had no Beyoncé on the hook at the time. Eventual single “All of the Lights” was also featureless. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy but it was just Kanye West,” Rory said. “And it was amazing.”

If you wanted to listen to the full podcast featuring Rory Farrell, listen below:

The Kanye West part begins around the 42 minute mark. Enjoy!

If you could re-title any of Kanye West’s albums, which would you choose and what would you re-title it? Leave your thoughts below!