North West gave her puppy the cutest name


North West was gifted a puppy for her birthday and it looks like she finally found the perfect name for the adorable pooch. 

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian shared the sister puppies they picked out for North West and Penelope Disick for their birthdays this year. Almost immediately, Kourtney announced that Penelope’s amber colored Pomeranian pup would be called “Honey” but when it came to North’s sister puppy, they seemed to have a hard time finding the perfect name.

Queue Kim’s fans, who went on a name suggesting spree. Obvious favorites centered around the puppy being white with many suggesting North name her new dog Sugar, Snow or something similar.

It turns out that North West had a few ideas of her own. Just days after learning about North West’s puppy, Kim took to Twitter to let everyone know that North had narrowed down her name list. The adorable 4-year old just couldn’t decide between a few names including Baby Jesus, Peachy Pop, Cutie Pie, or Goldie

It turns out that North West was still considering other names for her cute Pomeranian puppy because she didn’t go with anything on that list. Several hours after her initial tweet, Kim Kardashian headed to Twitter again with this message:

So it turns out that Kim did make a poll and more than 200,000 Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans voted on what to name the puppy. The clear winner was Peachy Pop with a whopping 29 percent of the votes. Sushi came in second place with 25 percent and Baby Jesus was third with 24 percent.

It turns out that North West may have appreciated the assistance in naming her pooch. Apparently, she doesn’t care what the polls say though because she didn’t name her puppy Peachy Pop.

Instead, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s offspring opted to follow behind 132 other dog owners in Los Angeles according to Refinery 29. That’s how many other dogs are named Sushi in her area according to the report. While Sushi is becoming a very popular pet name, we think it’s the perfect name for North’s puppy and we can’t wait to see new pictures of them playing together.