Blac Chyna exposed on Instagram again as Ferrari taunts Rob Kardashian


Rob Kardashian is playing the fool again as Blac Chyna’s side piece shares more intimate photos on Instagram. 

In a bid to get back at Rob Kardashian, a rapper named Ferrari is hitting back. On Wednesday, Rob posted Ferrari’s picture on Instagram and let the world know that he’s been sleeping with Blac Chyna and even accused him of asking Rob for money.

Blac Chyna has made a fool of Rob Kardashian once again. For months, his family members and others close to him have warned him that she wasn’t there for the right reasons.

This became painstakingly clear to Kardashian when Chyna sent him a video of her with another man (who wasn’t even Ferrari.) That man happens to be one of the many men she has reportedly been sleeping with.

In a bout of anger, Rob Kardashian tore up social media with explicit pictures of Blac Chyna and statements about the man she is bedding. According to TMZ, Ferrari is taunting Rob Kardashian with more photos of him and Chyna in the bed she used to share with her baby daddy.

In fact, he is using Instagram to send his message. Ferarri claims he isn’t broke like Kardashian is saying. He reportedly never hit Rob up for money or a fame hook up.

This situation keeps getting more and more intense. Rob Kardashian is blasting Blac Chyna for being with eight men in the same month. While this may seem shocking to someone who is unfamiliar with who she is, it isn’t.

Chyna has worked as a dancer for years, and sex is the name of the game. Sometimes, the game pays. It is unfortunate because the two share a daughter but as the photos prove, Chyna was likely only in it for the money, fame, and legacy.

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