Kim Kardashian shares Jamaican food on Snapchat and no one believes she cooked it


Kim Kardashian isn’t giving off the vibe that she knows her way around the kitchen, which is why her latest Snapchat stunt has everyone talking.

Kim Kardashian’s recent Jamaican food feast has many fans wondering if she is taking credit for someone else’s work. After all, the food she shared on Snapchat did look delicious.

Cooking is probably the last thing Kim Kardashian worries about on a daily basis. She pays people to do everything for her, including making meals and taking care of her two children. Over the holiday weekend, Kardashian found herself getting heckled on social media. She decided to chronicle her attempt at “cooking” and serving Jamaican food.

Snapchat is apparently the place to go when you are trying to get attention for the food you are preparing. According to Hello Giggles, Kim Kardashian shared some photos and videos of the things she was preparing.

Plantains, rice and peas (which she ever so eloquently called rice and beans), and jerk chicken were on the menu. Kardashian let it slip that her Jamaican nanny taught her how to cook, and she was trolled hard for that. Many followers believe she is lying about preparing the food and let her nanny do it for her.

It seems that the preparation that went into the Jamaican feast was lost on the people trolling Kim Kardashian. While she was definitely wrong about the names of the dishes and some other things, there was an element of being proud of what she accomplished. Kardashian was trolled hard over the rice and beans comment, especially because it was clear from the photo what was in the pan.

There’s been no response from Kim Kardashian about the backlash received. She is busy focusing on the growing feud between her husband and rap mogul, Jay-Z. Being chastised for cooking is the last thing Kardashian is worried about.

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