Instagram model Jennifer Pamplona injected four pints of fat into her butt to look like Kim Kardashian


Spending $470k to look like Kim Kardashian has made Jennifer Pamplona happier in life. 

Aspiring to be like someone or look like something has become the norm in today’s world and that is precisely what Jennifer Pamplona has done. Kim Kardashian has been a figure woman look up to, many of them wanting to look like the curvy reality star.

There is a stark difference between trying to mimic their appearance and changing everything about yourself to be their clone. Jennifer Pamplona falls into the latter category, and she isn’t going to stop until she looks just like Kim.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jennifer Pamplona has had several procedures to look like Kim Kardashian to the tune of almost a half million dollars. The alterations include rib removals, liposuction, two breast augmentations, and fat injections in her butt. This has been done over the course of seven years, and Pamplona says she may not be done yet.

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Jennifer Pamplona is going to be a reality star on a new show that follows around the “plastics” in Hollywood. Included in the cast will be the two men who aspire to look like Ken dolls, Jennifer, and a few more. This is going to garner a lot of attention and already the negative comments are out in full force.

Kim Kardashian has not commented on the drastic measures Jennifer Pamplona has taken to look like her. Imitation is supposed to be the highest form of flattery, but this is more than just that. Pamplona plans to have more procedures in the future and is happy with her transformation toward achieving her goal.

While the jury is still out on whether or not Jennifer Pamplona looks like Kim Kardashian, you can weigh in with your vote. Does she resemble her idol or is she just over the top with plastic surgery?

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