Kim Kardashian wants Kris Jenner to cut off lazy brother Rob


Kim Kardashian wants Kris Jenner to cut off Rob Kardashian. 

After the events that have unfolded after the last few weeks, Kim Kardashian is furious with her brother, Rob Kardashian. He embarrassed the entire family when he went on a social media tirade.

Kardashian posted revenge porn against Blac Chyna and made some heavy accusations. It has been nearly three weeks since the incident and now, Kim wants some action taken.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Kim Kardashian wants Kris Jenner to cut Rob Kardashian off financially. All of the money he used to buy Blac Chyna gifts reportedly came from Kris Jenner’s credit cards.

This news isn’t incredibly shocking because Rob has stayed out of the spotlight for several years. He filmed one season of his reality show with Chyna before it was pulled, and the money was reportedly already spent.

It is unknown what his sock company brings in, but it certainly isn’t enough to support the lavish lifestyle he is accustomed to at this point.

Kris Jenner has not spoken to Kim Kardashian about the demands. She is trying to remain neutral in the situation. Rob Kardashian is her only son, and Jenner has spent a lot of time trying to fix his situation.

Dream Kardashian is the main focal point now. Kris wants to make sure she has everything she needs, which likely includes footing the bill for all of it. It was revealed that while in Rob’s care, Dream has nannies who help to take care of her.

For quite some time now it has been apparent that Kim Kardashian feels like her brother is lazy. She has been the least compassionate sister when it comes to his woes. Khloe Kardashian used to be super close with Rob, but she is even trying to steer clear of this mess he made.

It is unlikely that Kris will cut Rob off financially, but she may be willing to hold her purse strings a little tighter.