Fashion faux pas happens with Caitlyn and Kris Jenner — Who wore it best?


Caitlyn and Kris Jenner end up wearing the similar dresses just months apart. 

After a bitter divorce and angry exchanges about how things went down, Caitlyn and Kris Jenner aren’t in the best place. While they make nice for the sake of their two daughters, it isn’t always easy. Caitlyn has said some things Kris disagrees with.

Keeping up with the Kardashians has given some insight to how Kris feels about the memoir her ex wrote. Caitlyn maintains that those are the events as she sees them, despite the denials put out by her ex-wife.

When it was announced that Caitlyn Jenner was transitioning from Bruce to her true self, there were jokes about her sharing clothes with Kris Jenner. In fact, it was revealed that before Caitlyn mentioned she was transgendered that she would wear some of her ex-wife’s clothing and makeup.

Surely, they would never be caught dead wearing something similar, let alone the same dress, right? Wrong.

According to AOL, Caitlyn Jenner stepped out Thursday night wearing a white Herve Leger dress. While she wowed the critics, there was something eerily similar about it.

As it turns out, Kris Jenner wore a white Herve Leger dress back in April to an event. The only difference between the two dresses is that Caitlyn wore short sleeves and Kris wore one with long sleeves.

The whole thing is comical to fans who know that with the similarities, Kris Jenner is definitely going to make a comment about how Caitlyn “copied” her. This fashion faux pas is something no one thought would happen because their stylists should be on top of things like this. Here we are, just four months after Kris debuted the dress, talking about how Caitlyn wore something similar just a few days ago.

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So now we have to ask who wore the white Herve Leger dress better? Caitlyn or Kris Jenner?