Kim Kardashian is not good at swatching and she knows it


After Jeffree Star called her out on Twitter for her bad swatching, Kim Kardashian’s makeup application technique has been under fire.

Kim Kardashian is not a good swatcher. We all learned that last week when Jeffree Star said her powder contour and highlight kits looked like chalk. Star took a verbal beating on Twitter for daring to criticize Kim for her struggle swatching. But even the KKW Beauty founder admits, “I kind of knew they were bad..”

In the sneak peek for the upcoming KKW Beauty release, Kim showed off several shades from her powder contour and highlight kits that were just released today. The problem is, the swatches on her forearm did look washed out and not very clear.

After the huge swatching controversy, Kim explained that she was aware that her samples didn’t look as perfect as so many others that we’re used to seeing. She just wanted to show off her product to the fans and figured they’d understand, reported People.

“After I did it I was like, ‘Oh shoot they don’t look as pretty as everyone else’s,’ Kim explained. “But I didn’t have a light.”

Kim improves her swatching technique

Based on the beautiful swatching in this picture, it’s pretty obvious that Kim has been practicing her technique. The colors are way more pronounced than the first forearm picture that she shared.

Always looking for the positive, Kim Kardashian did use the bad swatching drama for good. She pointed out one of the perks of her new beauty essential that make it perfect for regular makeup users like me. Her contour kits are super blendable.

“I’ve learned so much,” Kardashian said while speaking at her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic’s master class. “I did learn what my space in the beauty world is — it’s that my [products] are super blendable and user-friendly and really easy for someone that’s not a makeup artist.”

Kim explained that her KKW Beauty contour kits are easy for beginners because they are less pigmented than many of their counterparts. Many brands tout more pigment as the reason they are better than others.

Kim pointed out that it also makes them hard to blend and very easy to over do. In comparison, the KKW Beauty contour kits are very easy to blend.

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The powder contour and highlight kits available at KKW Beauty have more subtle colors so it’s much harder to go overboard. The powder version of Kim Kardashian’s popular contour kits just released today. The kit comes in light, medium, and dark. The powder kits retail for $52 on the KKW Beauty website whereas the creme version cost $48.