Rob Kardashian is looking for another baby mama


Rob Kardashian wants a new baby to be a sibling for almost one-year-old Dream. 

It seems that Rob Kardashian has thought about what he wants in life. The last six weeks or so have been rough for him, especially after he went on the infamous Instagram rant. His daughter will be turning one soon, and it is rumored that Kardashian may have baby fever.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Rob Kardashian is looking for his next baby mama. He is adamant about Dream having a sibling. This is one of the most outrageous things from Kardashian in recent days. With all of the drama happening between Blac Chyna and Rob, adding another child and woman into the mix sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Right now, Rob Kardashian needs to be focused on how he is going to co-parent with Blac Chyna going forward. He will likely have the restraining order against him extended for two years when the two go back to court next month.

All of this stems from his irrational behavior back in July. He went completely off about Chyna and shared nude photos of her across social media. The two have been effectively communicating for the sake of Dream, but how long will that last?

Hopefully, Rob Kardashian’s sisters will talk him down from another potentially bad decision. It seems that he is on his way to get healthy once again. At this point, everyone knows about his weight issues, but on top of that, his sanity has been questioned as well.

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Saying that he wants another child with another woman is definitely something no one expected from Kardashian, especially now. Rob should focus on getting himself in shape before he goes out and fathers another child.