Did Kanye West just take a shot at Taylor Swift?


Kanye West may not be writing a diss track but that doesn’t mean he’ll stay silent after Taylor Swift song takes shots at him.

Kanye West and Taylor Swift have a lengthy history of feuding. So when Taylor’s newest song “Look What You Made Me Do” released, it wasn’t shocking that there were several references about Kanye in it.

The tilted stage line was certainly a clue as to where Taylor’s head was when she wrote thing shady song. There were plenty of other references in the lyrics and the music video that make it impossible to deny her dislike of Kim and Kanye.

After Swift’s song came out, Kim Kardashian made it clear that she and Kanye weren’t going to entertain her. As she put it (or as the internet put it for her anyway) Taylor Swift is in a feud with herself.

Does their refusal to take part mean that Kanye West can’t take any shots at the pop star? It should but that doesn’t mean that is what will happen.

Recently, Kanye was seen wearing a shirt. While that may seem innocent enough, in Kanye’s case, it was not.

On the back of his shirt, it said, “She is beyond good and evil.” As people speculate whether or not he meant Taylor Swift, we’ll just point out that the font of the message was the same as the one used on Swift’s new “Look What You Made Me Do” art. So yes, it was totally a dig.

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To further amp up the feud, Kanye West wore the shirt in public…in Malibu…to Nobu.