Kim Kardashian’s abs steal the show at Mert & Marcus book launch party


Kim Kardashian is definitely back in business and making the rounds at New York Fashion Week but her amazing abs seem to be taking the spotlight. 

Kim Kardashian showed up to the Mert & Marcus book launch party on Thursday night as New York Fashion Week kicks off. Those who looked beyond Kim’s recent nude photo know that it was taken by the two famous photographers that she showed up to support.

After nearly a year of staying out of the spotlight, it’s pretty obvious that Kim hasn’t been spending her time lounging on the couch with a bowl of Bon Bons. Actually, she looks like she’s been doing quite the opposite.

Kim has been busy making her New York Fashion Week rounds. She’s doing it with a huge change in style too, showing up to the annual fashion shows with her hair dyed platinum. The KUWTK star made sure to let everyone know that her new lighter hair is real and not a wig this time.

When it comes to Kim Kardashian’s abs, those are definitely real too. Kim showed up to the Mert & Marcus event wearing a skin tight black body-con dress. There were huge slashes taken out of the midsection of the dress that showed off Kim’s perfectly taut and sculpted abs. We had no idea she was working so hard on her fitness.

We had no idea she was working so hard on her fitness. The again, this is Kim that we’re talking about. She was just teasing about wanting to do a nude photo shoot because she has worked so hard to get in shape. It seems that she was just teasing about the tree shoot that she just shared because it happened too fast to have been random.

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Based on her recent moves as well as how amazing she looked at the Mert & Marcus book launch, it’s safe to say that Kim Kardashian is back!