Rob Kardashian continues to lay low amid impending custody court hearing


Rob Kardashian is minding his P’s and Q’s as the court date for custody of Dream draws near. 

Things have been up and down in Rob Kardashian’s life for the last several months. He was set on marrying Blac Chyna and giving their daughter a family unit.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not withstand the test of time. Earlier this year, things between the two ended with no recourse for reconciliation.

Back in July, Rob Kardashian lost his cool and went on a social media rampage. Not only did he blast Blac Chyna and accuse her of drug use and other things, he posted nude photos of her. This prompted Chyna to retain a lawyer and set the custody case in motion.

It has been said the two can co-parent well, especially because Dream is the most important thing to them. Rob Kardashian has not been “healthy” in years. His struggles with his weight and his downward spiral from his breakup with Adrienne Bailon have plagued him for years. Now, it is rumored that getting Kardashian happy and healthy is a struggle.

According to Perez Hilton, Rob Kardashian resents Blac Chyna. He is bitter about how things turned out between them.

Dream deserves a two-parent household and now, she won’t get that. There have been rumors circulating that reveal Chyna used Kardashian and trapped him with a baby to get her hands on the Kardashian name and money. If that is the case, she has him by right where she wants him.

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The next couple of days will reveal where the cards fall regarding Dream. It is being assumed that custody of the little girl will be shared between the parents as Blac Chyna has not denied that Rob is a good father to their daughter. Despite their relationship challenges, both appear to love their little girl.