Life of Kylie season finale is here and it is the best news ever


Life of Kylie airs the season finale tomorrow night, and fans are happy it is over. 

Kylie Jenner’s new show was poised to be huge when the commercials came out for it. She is one of the most popular sisters, likely because of her down to Earth personality. That’s why Life of Kylie seemed like such a great idea.

Initially, I was excited to get an inside look at her life after watching her grown up on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. That quickly faded just a few episodes in.

Life of Kylie is only a half hour show, which doesn’t give viewers a lot of time to connect with the youngest Jenner. Much of the episode is filled with fluff, which was also a huge turn-off.

There wasn’t a lot of drama, and there weren’t a lot of personal touches added. As a viewer, I am disappointed. I expected to see Kylie get real about her heartbreak over Tyga. It was briefly discussed, but more so because she was locked up in her room because of it, not because she actually wanted to talk about her feelings.

I have watched every episode, and it did shed some light on her relationship with Kris Jenner. That was probably the most interesting part for me.

As “momager,” Kris has always been portrayed as a tough cookie who is a bit bossy. That was confirmed, especially in how she talked to Kylie and how Kylie’s staff reacted to being around Kris. No one wants to mess with momma Jenner, that was clear.

With the season finale tomorrow night, I suppose there is a bit of relief among other viewers as well. What was thought to be a huge deal for Kylie Jenner has turned into being quite a flop.

It has not yet been announced if the show will return, but my educated guess would be it will not. Kylie will be seen on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and that show is the family’s gold mine.

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I really wanted to love Life of Kylie, but I just couldn’t get there with what was shown this season. However, I will watch the season finale out of obligation because once you start something, you must finish it.