Rob Kardashian is focusing on baby Dream after custody deal with Blac Chyna


Now that the custody of Dream Kardashian has been figured out, Rob Kardashian can continue repairing his own image after the Blac Chyna blowup in July.

Rob Kardashian is likely still recovering from his Blac Chyna breakup. During his July rant, Rob admitted that he thought he and Chyna would get back together. It turns out that she already had multiple other men that she had been dealing with.

Based on their relationship timeline and the way that Rob and Chyna broke up, it’s hard to defend her. She was clearly looking for a come up when she hooked up with Rob. Some say he was an easy mark.

No matter what the case, Rob Kardashian likely learned a great deal in the aftermath of his Blac Chyna relationship Despite any possible motive she had for hooking up with a Kardashian, Rob got a daughter out of it and that’s what he is grateful for.

Now that the bulk of the drama with Chyna is over, Rob is reportedly just ready to move on and spend as much time with Dream as he can.

“Rob is okay. Ultimately, he mostly cared about hashing out a custody agreement for Dream. He loves his baby girl and she is his focus,” People reported after a source filled them in.

“Rob and Chyna have other issues they need to figure out, but this is a good start. Rob knows it was a huge mistake to get involved with Chyna, but baby Dream is his world. She is the most special gift,” the source continued.

Those other things include Blac Chyna’s post-custody attempt at a cash grab. It turns out that dropping the domestic violence accusations in order to settle on $20,000 a month in child support wasn’t the end of Chyna going after Rob’s cash.

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That July 5 Instagram rant will likely cost him a lot of money. It’s been reported that Blac Chyna wants Rob Kardashian to pay up to the tune of seven figures for sharing her nude photos on Instagram.