Kylie Jenner stuns fans in sexy fishnet bra amid Life of Kylie cancellation rumors


After the Life of Kylie season finale, Kylie Jenner drew attention away from the show with a sexy Instagram photo. 

Kylie Jenner has always been compared to her older sister, Kim Kardashian. The two are the most alike, and their bodies get the most attention.

Rumors have plagued the two about rivalries, but Kim has shut them down over and over again. They both run makeup empires, but they aren’t in competition with one another. But even if they were, it is unlikely they would broadcast it to the world.

Life of Kylie was hyped up to be a huge deal, but it didn’t get the viewership that Kylie Jenner and her network of people had hoped for. There has been no official word on whether there will be a second season, but it isn’t looking hopeful.

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Fans have mixed reviews about the show, but the consensus seemed to be that had more drama occurred or some juicy scoop spilled, the show may have had a fighting chance.

In what is being dubbed a good public relations move, Kylie Jenner shared a sexy photo on Instagram of herself in a fishnet bra. This photo has been getting a lot of attention. Jenner shows off her curvy body, one that almost mimics Kim Kardashian’s body. Of course, while the bra is sheer, Kylie made sure her nipples were not in view.

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If this was a distraction technique, Kylie Jenner did a great job. No one is talking about Life of Kylie now, they are all talking about her hot body. Instagram and Snap Chat are where she shares the most, some of the photos being incredibly risque. Jenner knows how to get the attention she needs when she needs it. This photo is not the sexiest, but it ranks up there with the rest of them.