KUWTK producers very much want another ten years of the show


Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s producers want another ten years of the show, and are going to try to make dreams come true.

What will the world look like in 2027; Will we have flying cars, world peace, or perhaps a female president?

If the producers of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s have anything to say about it, the show will still be a part of our lives ten years in the future.

Speaking to The Daily Beast about the celebration of 10-years of KUWTK, producer Jeff Jenkins said that he’s all about another decade of the Kardashian clan on television.

"My mantra is ten more years. So yes, I would like to see Mason get married, I would like to see Kris Jenner get married again, I would like to see Khloé get married, I would like to see Kourtney…uhh…smile. So those are my hopes for the next ten years."

Critics of the show might scoff at the idea of another ten years of KUWTK, but it’s actually a fascinating concept. From a social experiment point of view, to have 20 years of someone’s life captured on film is absolutely intriguing.

It’s been done before, just not as detailed or structured as KUWTK. The infamous Up docu-series started chronicling the lives of a British elementary class in 1964 when they were all seven. The film was called 7 Up and was followed by films checking in on them in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

Many call this the earliest form of what we now know as reality television and is an interesting precursor to KUWTK. Those films, while chronicling the lives of the same people at different stages in their lives, were broken up as seven films over the course of more than half a century. KUWTK is a straight dose of a decade’s worth of documenting the lives of the same people, and it’s been more than what the haters will say it is.

Another ten years, where we see the children of the Kardashians grow up, would be more than fascinating for not just fans but anyone who is interested in the sociological aspect of what the show represents.