Kim Kardashian opens up about almost losing North when she was pregnant


When Kim Kardashian found out she was pregnant with North West, she was over the moon excited. This was her first pregnancy with Kanye West and the two wanted to be parents. It was around November 2012 when she found out she was expecting, but there were also complications.

It is no secret that Kardashian doesn’t handle pregnancy well. She had a rough go with both North West and Saint West. Kim is reportedly going to be a mom a third time over, but only through a surrogate. She is not able to carry another child within her body.

According to ELLE, Kim Kardashian reveals a shocking detail about her pregnancy with North during the KUWTK special tomorrow night. Apparently, she believed she was miscarrying North at the time. There are no details about why she believed that other than the doctor insisted there was no heartbeat. Kardashian revealed she was scheduled for surgery (likely a D&C) but when they did the ultrasound at a later date, the heartbeat was present. This happened around Thanksgiving 2012, and it was a hard holiday for her and the family.

Now, Kim Kardashian has two healthy children and is reportedly expecting another. The baby the surrogate is carrying is a little girl. This was done so that North would be closer to her sibling as she reportedly doesn’t like Saint very much. Although Kardashian and Kanye West have not officially confirmed the baby on the way, it is a likely scenario.

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Tomorrow night, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians special will air on the E! network. It is reportedly filled with plenty of juicy details (like the miscarriage scare) that fans have never been privy to. October 1 is when the new season begins and rumor has it it is going to be one of the best yet.