Did Caitlyn Jenner just confirm Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy?


Caitlyn Jenner may have just confirmed Kylie’s pregnancy and if so, she may be facing the wrath of Kris.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans have been holding their collective breath since Friday when news dropped that Kylie Jenner is pregnant. No one from the Kardashian-Jenner clan would talk about the exciting baby news and even Kris Jenner said that Kylie was not confirming or denying her pregnancy.

Fans want to know if reports that Kylie Jenner is pregnant are true. At this point, we’re listening to everyone, even The Sun, who just reported that Caitlyn Jenner is confirming that Kylie is, in fact, preggers.

The notorious gossip rag claims that Caitlyn’s rep reached out to them. They claim that Caitlyn Jenner has known about Kylie’s pregnancy for a long time. The actual quote reads, “All I can tell you is that it was some time ago.”


That may not be the whole truth or even true at all if other reports are to be believed. For example, Bravo’s The Daily DIsh also reached out to Cailtyn’s rep and they received a very different response.

“Caitlyn has not given a statement to anyone about this matter,” Jenner’s rep said.

We learned earlier today that Kris Jenner told Ryan Seacrest that they are neither confirming or denying the reports that Kylie Jenner is pregnant. Ryan even talked about it this morning during Live! With Kelly and Ryan. 

On Saturday, Kris was spotted in Milan with Kendall Jenner as she walked the catwalks for Milan Fashion Week. When Kris was asked at one of the shows about the Kylie Jenner pregnancy news, she acted surprised and said she learned of the news that morning.

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Despite reports that Caitlyn Jenner confirmed the Kylie Jenner baby news, it seems that we’re right back to square one. Is Kylie pregnant or is she not? Everyone wants to know and until Kylie confirms for herself, we all sit and wait.