It looks like Khloe Kardashian teased her pregnancy news months ago and no one caught on


The Kardashians have taken over again after news that three of the sisters are expecting and we would have known months ago but we missed Khloe Kardashian dropping this monster clue!

Sources claim that Khloe Kardashian is three months pregnant. Based on that, she probably would have gotten pregnant right around her birthday. That’s also when Khloe posted a photo on Instagram that may have clued everyone in as to her plan.

Tristan pulled off an amazing surprise party when Khloe turned 33 years old. Just two days before her actual birthday, Khloe partied it up with Tristan Thompson, her family and many of her closest friends.

Following the party, Khloe Kardashian gushed about how much fun she had and how touched she was that Tristan planned the party for her. She also shared a collage of photos and one may have been the clue.

You may recall that Khloe shared a group of pictures of herself and Tristan kissing. She wrote the date 6/25 on one and on the other, she wrote, “Dad + Mom.”

That started up a firestorm of rumors that Khloe was actually pregnant at that time. TMZ came along and claimed that she was not pregnant per their very reliable source. We can only wonder if it was the same very reliable source who recently told them that she was.

Anyway, the source claimed they just call each other that and the rumor died until a few days ago. Now, people are wondering if she really was sending a clue to her fanbase. Not that she was pregnant because if the timelines that are being reported are true, that’s around the point where she would have become pregnant.

On the KUWTK Season 13 finale, which aired right before her birthday, Khloe Kardashian admitted that she had stopped taking birth control. She even had an ultrasound to confirm that her organs all worked and that she could conceive just fine.

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If Khloe’s “Dad + Mom” post wasn’t a clue that she was pregnant, it certainly was a clue that it was going to happen. Either that or Khloe might want to take up a new career in predicting the future.