Here’s what North West wants to name her baby sister


North West has her ideas about what her unborn baby sister should be named but Kim Kardashian is definitely not sold on it. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still trying to decide what to name their unborn third child. With just weeks to get the rest of their baby planning done, Kim already admitted that they haven’t got a name. North West does, though.

Let’s face it. Even though we all joked about the directional names that Kim and Kanye could use for their children, they did it with North and shocked us all. Then they didn’t do it with Saint and shocked us all again. Kimye already made it clear that they won’t be naming any more kids based on their compass again.

When it comes to naming baby number three, the power couple seems to be at a loss. Kim even told Ellen during a recent appearance that she had guests write potential names down for them at her baby shower. Sadly, none of those names stuck.

Even North’s baby name suggestion just isn’t “vibing” with Kim. Or is it and we are all about to be shocked? According to BustleNorth West wants to name the baby Star. As in Star West.

It turns out that North just really likes that name. Kim said that North names everything Star West so naturally, that’s what she wants to name her little sister too. To be honest, it’s kind of a cute name and would be totally fitting. After all, both of her parents are some of the biggest celebrities in action and this newest member of the Kardashian-West household is sure to be a celebrity (star) too.

Baby names are such a hard thing to figure out, especially after you’ve already used your favorites. Wouldn’t it really be something if Kim and Kanye gave their latest child a really normal name? How weird would it be if they introduced their kids as North, Saint, and Janet. Or what about Jane? Jasmine is a very popular name for biracial kids.

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It’s more likely that they’ll pick something totally unique again. Just like the last two Kimye babies, KUWTK fans will have to wait and see what their newest bundle is going to be called. We’re sure it will be something great.