Kris Jenner begins 2018 with a new look


Kris Jenner dove into 2018 with a new look, and fans are loving it. 

It is a new year and with that comes a brand new look for matriarch, Kris Jenner. Over the last several years, she has remained unchanged in her looks. Occasionally she may have changed it up a bit, but nothing like what 2018 has brought her. Fans are going crazy over her new look, and we can’t blame them.

Yesterday, Kris Jenner unveiled her new look on Instagram. She captioned it back to work, though it was definitely shared for shock value.

After a long break for the holidays, the KarJenner clan will return to television on Sunday night. Jenner and her girls are likely filming for an upcoming season while they await the birth of two new confirmed additions, and one rumored.

A blonde pixie cut is something that Kris Jenner can definitely pull off. This isn’t the first time she has gone blonde, but it is definitely flattering.

Fans immediately began complimenting the matriarch on the social media network. Several weeks ago, Jenner debuted a blonde look after Kim Kardashian went back to blonde. The mother and daughter duo spend a lot of time together. An imitation is a form of flattery and it seems like Jenner likes to flatter Kardashian.

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It likely won’t last long, but a blonde Kris Jenner is on the loose and we aren’t mad about it. After everything that has happened over the last couple of years, seeing Jenner branch out and have fun is a good thing.