Caitlyn Jenner reveals she didn’t trust the Kardashians to not leak her gender reassignment surgery


When it was announced that Caitlyn Jenner was transitioning, the Kardashians supported their former stepdad. 

The feud between Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashians has been widely publicized. Things fell apart between the former family members when Caitlyn Jenner released her book. Apparently, things weren’t as they seemed.

Tonight, Caitlyn Jenner will be sitting down with Piers Morgan. Of course, she will be in the hot seat, and the host will not be going easy on her. One of the questions will be about why Jenner didn’t tell her former stepdaughters about her gender reassignment surgery. They had been supportive throughout the transition, but why was this little bit left out?

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As fans know, Caitlyn Jenner has become somewhat of a drama queen. According to People, Catilyn admits that she didn’t tell the Kardashians about the gender reassignment surgery because she was afraid they would leak it to the media.

Would they really do something like that? Aren’t they salty about their “friends” that do it to them? This is a very interesting tidbit of information. When Piers Morgan probed Jenner further, she was irritated. She didn’t believe the news was anyone’s business.

Aside from that, the Caitlyn Jenner interview will be mostly uneventful. Her story has been told over and over again. She has taken plenty of swipes at Kris Jenner, especially in her book.

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The Kardashian daughters aren’t down with what Caitlyn did to their mom and now, they have iced her out. It isn’t shocking, and she should have predicted this would be the response, especially after raising them for all of those years.