Kim Kardashian doesn’t mess around when it comes to her kids


If you are considering talking about Kim Kardashian’s kids, just don’t. 

Let’s be honest, talking about anyone’s children is wrong. Kim Kardashian is a public figure, but her children didn’t choose this life. Despite any chance of excusing the behavior of tearing down a child or mom-shaming, there is literally zero tolerance for this stuff.

A few days ago, we told you about the health scare Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had with Saint. The little boy was in the hospital from Wednesday until Saturday. Kardashian revealed the scare earlier today. Saint had pneumonia, something that could be serious in younger children if not immediately treated.

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Of course, comments about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West “partying” on New Year’s Eve began circulating. That brought out the haters, and they didn’t go easy on Kardashian. The harsh and judgmental comments made their way through social media. In fact, they were brought to Kim’s attention by a fan who was defending the couple.

Kim Kardashian wasted no time coming for the people who are talking about her son and her job as his mother. While it is true there was a New Year’s Eve get together with Kim and Kanye, it happened in their home after Saint was put to bed. They were not out partying while their son was in the hospital. He was released on Saturday, and the party was on Sunday.

Aside from explaining that she was with her son every single moment while he was in the hospital, Kim Kardashian made it clear that no one can come for her children. Say what you want about her, but her kids are off limits.

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