Malika Haqq deals with the death of Chinx in resurfaced Dash Dolls clip


Khloe Kardashian’s best friend Malika Haqq is dealing with the death of Chinx all over again after a Dash Dolls clip is brought back out during her Celebrity Big Brother stay. 

It’s too bad that contestants on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother aren’t allowed to use their phones. That’s because while staying in the secluded house to film for a few weeks, Malika Haqq broke down and needed her BFF. 

Right at the beginning of her stay in the Big Brother house, Malikka started talking about the tragic death of her boyfriend back in 2015. Rapper Chinx was shot and killed in a drive-by two and a half years ago in New York City.

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Perhaps Malika was reliving that tragedy now because arrests were made for the murder of Chinx just weeks ago. On December 14, two men were arrested for the shooting death of Malika’s boyfriend. It turns out that the whole thing happened over a grudge that started six years prior while the rapper was incarcerated at Rikers.

When talking about the shooting and the loss of her boyfriend, Malika Haqq got very emotional. It’s clear that she’s still not over Chinx’ death.  Some KUWTK fans may remember that after his death, things got very messy for Malika, who then had to deal with another woman speaking out against her and claiming that she was Chinx real wife and the mother of his children.

Now, with Malika on Celebrity Big Brother, everyone wants to know more about her. Aside from being Khloe Kardashian’s best friend, one of the most shocking moments that fans can remember was when Chinx was killed and she reacted on social media.

Soon after, Dash Dolls filmed Malika Haqq’s reaction to news that her boyfriend had been shot and killed. It wasn’t pretty. Malikka spent days in bed, as documented by the former E!  hit. In the clip shown by the Daily Mail, Khloe Kardashian did all she could to be there for her friend. From bringing her food to lending an ear, to even giving Malikka some advice about grief, she was there for her friend all the way.

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It’s sad for Malika that she’s still haunted by the death of Chinx. Especially while she’s working so hard to break out and do her own thing. Malikka has admitted that it’s hard to step away from her twin sister and from Khloe. Her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother is a huge step. Watching Malika open up has been really nice for Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans.