KUWTK sneak peek: Kris Jenner is keeping an eye on MJ


Even Kris Jenner’s mom isn’t safe from her prying in the latest Keeping Up With The Kardashians sneak peek. 

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is headed back for the second half of Season 14 after the holiday break and it’s a can’t-miss episode. For starters, there hasn’t been a tease for it yet aside from the midseason trailer, but this could be the episode where Khloe makes her big announcement.

What we do know from the latest KUWTK sneak peek is that no one is safe from Kris Jenner’s prying eyes. That includes her own mother, MJ, who has been making a lot of appearances on Season 14 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 


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In the clip, Kris is gifting MJ with new shoes and new insoles to go in them. The catch is that the insoles double as tracking devices because Kris wants to keep tabs on her mom’s whereabouts at all times.

While this sounds really invasive and wrong, it looks like MJ is on board with the idea of allowing Kris Jenner to track her movement. After all, at 83 years old, MJ isn’t getting any younger and it’s normal for adult children to want to keep tabs on an elderly parent.

It seems that purchasing an insole that doubles as a tracking device might be a bit much. Considering that the rest of the KarJenner family has security, it’s safe to say that MJ has some level of security too. However, the insole being electronic will allow Kris to keep tabs when she wants without making phone calls or letting MJ know that she’s checking in.

The Adidas product placement didn’t go unnoticed. It’s surprising that Kris didn’t announce what brand the insoles are but maybe she’s saving that for the show. It seems that these insoles might be a great option for seniors who do wander or who might have medical conditions that make their getting lost especially dangerous for them.

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After a little digging, it looks like we may have found the exact insole that Kris Jenner gifted to MJ on the KUWTK sneak peek. It’s called a Smart Sole and they claim to be “the best GPS tracking solution for those who wander.”

The product isn’t cheap unless you’re Kris Jenner and then it probably felt very inexpensive.) For the premium Smart Sole option, the set of inserts runs $299 and monthly monitoring costs $29.95. They are recommended for children and adults with autism as well as older adults who may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimers.