Kendall Jenner attended the Golden Globes and Twitter was not happy


Kendall Jenner walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes, debuting a noticeably different look. 

Last night, the Golden Globes was politically charged. In fact, it was probably the most aware many of the actors have been in a while. Kendall Jenner attended the event, following the trend to wear all black in support of the “Times Up” campaign. Of course, she looked nothing less than stunning. I mean, she is a model after all.

You may be wondering why Kendall Jenner was at the event, or maybe not. Twitter was bombarded with tweets about why she was walking the red carpet.

Jenner is a model and a reality television star. She doesn’t work it like her older sisters, but she does frequently appear on KUWTK. Despite dressing appropriately, Kendall was still dragged through the mud for her choice to attend the awards show.

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Apparently, the Pepsi commercial hatred is still alive and well. Kendall Jenner made a major social blunder with taking part in that commercial, and now, that was brought up as she walked the red carpet. The tweets were incredibly harsh for the circumstances. While Jenner did absolutely make a poor choice with that Pepsi partnership, why is that connected to walking the red carpet?

Aside from the insane amount of heckling Kendall Jenner received for attending the Golden Globes, she looked noticeably different. Her pout was a little more full, almost like injections had been given to her at some point. This would not be surprising, especially since Kylie Jenner has been the queen of plump lips forever.

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Right now, there has been no response to the poor reception Kendall Jenner received last night, or about the speculation about the lip injections. While it may not have been a great choice to attend and walk the red carpet at the Golden Globes, at least Kendall Jenner looked great doing it. She supported the cause and showed up, which is more than other people did.