Kim Kardashian slams Daily Mail for ridiculous headline


Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but when you mention her family, the gloves come off. 

Writing a gripping headline is important, but trashing someone for giggles is another thing entirely. Kim Kardashian is used to reading headlines about her and her famous family. After all, they did live through Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, the Paris robbery and a host of other occasions when the headlines were all over the place.

Usually, Kim Kardashian is mellow and level-headed. You would have to do something pretty extreme to receive a harsh response from the reality star. There are two things in life that are off-limits for Kardashian. Don’t talk about her kids in a negative light, and don’t diss her family. Her mother, Kris Jenner, is definitely not the one you want to paint in a negative light.

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Now, there is a difference between playfully teasing and being rude. Some headlines are used as an attention grabber, which Kim Kardashian understands. You have to sell yourself, but not at the cost of someone else. Recently, the Daily Mail released a story with pictures of a much-younger Kris Jenner. The headline dubbed the momager as “chubby,” and that lit a fire under Kim Kardashian.

In true Kim Kardashian fashion, the reality star quoted the tweet sent out by the publication with the headline and called them out. She was not going to stand by and let them diss her mom. The photos were of Kris Jenner when she was younger,  likely in her early 20s. Instead of talking about how youthful the momager looked, the publication called her chubby. That was the wrong choice, and Kardashian let the world know she disapproves.

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Don’t mess with Kim Kardashian or her mom because it won’t end well. She is all about her family, and when you cross them, you cross her. Kardashian lets a lot slide, but this time, she wasn’t giving them a free pass. Not to mention that “beautiful, youthful, and stunning” are way better ways to describe a young Kris Jenner anyway!