Kim Kardashian’s latest social media ad looks like it came from the ‘Got Milk’ campaign


The only thing Kim Kardashian was missing was the milk mustache. 

It’s no secret that the Kardashians make bank for their social media ads. It was reported that Kim often asks around $200,000 to place a picture of herself with a product on Instagram alone. Her latest ad for Flat Tummy Co. is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Imagine how much they paid for that placement!

It’s my guess that it’s totally worth it, though, because look how many people are talking about it. Then again, this is Kim Kardashian in a tiny white crop top and matching white panties. Of course, people are going to look and share….and even write about it.

Remember ‘Got Milk?’

In Kim’s photo, she’s standing in her kitchen (which is ridiculously huge, by the way) where she’s standing in the above-mentioned skin-baring outfit while holding what looks like a half-gallon of milk. It’s not, but that’s what it looks like. In the other hand, she’s drinking a small glass of it.

It turns out that it’s actually Kim’s Shake It Baby protein shake and apparently, unlike the rest of us, she doesn’t prepare hers one serving at a time. Instead, she makes jugs of those protein shakes, which actually isn’t a horrible idea.

In the caption, Kim makes it clear that the post is an ad for Flat Tummy Co. She explains what a wild holiday season she had and how she’s using the shakes to get her sexy back (as if she ever lost it.) In the photo she’s on Day 9. I don’t know about you, but I would drink those shakes every day if that’s what I would look like on Day 9 but I digress.

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Seriously though, while looking for examples of the Got Milk campaign on Instagram, #GotMilk pulled up three copies of the latest Kim Kardashian bikini photo on the first page so I know I’m not the only one who thought this as soon as that picture popped up.