Blac Chyna says the Kardashians are ruining her love life


Blac Chyna says she can’t find love because of her connection to the Kardashians. 

Woe is me is the new phrase Blac Chyna should be trying to trademark. She is complaining that she can’t find love after Rob Kardashian. This is funny to the KarJenner fans who have called Chyna out for being a gold digger all along.

The relationship between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian was a whirlwind. By the time they really went public with their love, she was already pregnant with their daughter.

He, of course, planned to marry her. Despite the issues in Kardashian’s life, he still wanted to do the right thing. Unfortunately, they were not a match made in heaven.

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As the demise of their relationship began to play out, everyone was watching. Blac Chyna is keeping things in the media, even six months later. The two have been officially done for months, but their love died out almost a year ago.

Dream was holding them together, but even that wasn’t enough. While Rob Kardashian has been busy working on himself, Chyna has been worried about finding a new man.

According to Hollywood Life, Rob Kardashian isn’t taking the blame for Blac Chyna’s lack of love. He reportedly told a source that she is the reason her relationships aren’t working out, and we agree. Chyna is definitely more drama than people want to deal with, and people are watching how she acts when things go south firsthand.

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Several different men have been in Blac Chyna’s life since her relationship with Rob Kardashian fell apart in front of the public’s eyes. With rumors of physical contact between both parties being alleged, no one wants to touch the mess that they have made for themselves. While Chyna blames the Kardashians for ruining her love life, Rob is content leading his private life while focusing on his daughter.