Kylie Jenner is Wendy Williams’ newest target


It looks like Wendy Williams wants in on the Kylie Jenner buzz. 

Wendy Williams is outrageous. Everything that comes out of her mouth seems to be negative. People tune in to watch her show daily, but there are several more who won’t waste their time. Kylie Jenner fans will likely fall into the latter group after the latest comments the talk show host made.

Kylie Jenner has yet to confirm her obvious pregnancy, but that isn’t a reason to attack the young reality star. Let’s be honest, at 20 who had their stuff together financially like Kylie does?

Even though she may be young, she has the means to take care of a baby, and if she wants a nanny, she can have that too. Jenner reportedly didn’t want to publicize her pregnancy, and she may never confirm. Of course, the baby will be the confirmation, but until then, we are all at her mercy.

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Here is where the problem begins. On a recent episode of Wendy Williams’ show, she trashed Kylie Jenner. Her little conversation with herself was all about how she thought Kylie was keeping quiet because the baby may not be Travis Scott’s.

While that may be the case (we don’t believe it is), that is still not something you should be spewing all over national television. Of course, Tyga’s comments on the situation don’t help, but that’s not really anyone’s business.

Aside from the paternity questions, Wendy Willams made it a point to shame Kylie Jenner for enhancing her look. She slammed the unborn baby, saying it would like the “old” Kylie Jenner. Essentially, Williams was insinuating the baby would be less than attractive. For someone who is insecure like Jenner, that was a terrible thing to do.

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Unfortunately, Kylie Jenner was just Wendy Willams’ latest target. She has gone after Carrie Underwood and Oprah in the past week. Every single time it has been about their looks. How very shallow Mrs. Williams.