Chicago West: The best reactions on Twitter to Kim Kardashian’s baby name announcement


Kim Kardashian announced the name of baby number three today, announcing that baby number three will be called Chicago West. 

Chicago West has a bit of a ring to it. Her nickname, Chi, is even sweeter. When Kim Kardashian announced the name for baby number three on Friday, it came as a shock to everyone. For starters, the big frontrunner for baby name guessers seemed to be “Louis” or “Vuitton.” Also because the name Chicago breaks all the hints that Kim has dropped in the past.

Naturally, the name “Chicago West” immediately started trending everywhere. Everyone wants to know what Kim named her baby, why they picked this name and more importantly, everyone seems to have an opinion.  And they are sharing it freely.

Thirty seconds into my latest Twitter adventure brought up quite a bit of conversation about Kim and Kanye’s third child. Some Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans are in love with the name, others are going to need some time. Then there’s that other group that seems to find the humor in everything. Love it or hate it, they are definitely making fun of it.

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Some fans got a little defensive. This one even brought Jay-Z into it. Now don’t go reigniting that feud over there! Kanye and Jay-Z were just about to be friends again.

Whoever was behind this tweet thinks that Chicago West is going to have to worry about working a day in her life. Who’s laughing now? That guy down below.

What if Kanye West was planning this all along?

The humor is still flowing on Twitter as Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans and seemingly everyone else just can’t stop talking about the newest Kimye baby.

All we have to say is that Kim Kardashian definitely missed this opportunity. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, this is how Kim should have made her announcement.