Something is up with Kim Kardashian West’s arm in that Calvin ad


There’s something suspicious in the Kardashian Calvin Klein ad — and it’s not just Kylie’s quilt cover-up.

When Calvin Klein dropped the images from the new Kardashian campaign, fans of the family quickly set to work gleaning all the clues they could from the shots. Of course, initial interest was laser-focused on Kylie’s quilt cover-up. Why else would the youngest Jenner sister have a quilt draped over her in an underwear ad, if not to hide a baby bump?

In any case, that wasn’t the only element of the photo that had fans scratching their heads.

See if you can spot it too.

If you guessed “Kim Kardashian West’s arm,” you would be correct.

If you guessed “Kourtney Kardashian’s arm” — well, you are also correct in that Kourtney’s left arm is almost nowhere to be seen. (You can see a sliver of her elbow behind Kendall’s head. But otherwise, yeah, she is super missing an arm.) You are not correct in that the internet didn’t much care about that.

No, the KarJenner internet very much focused in on this weird shadow situation on Kim’s arm.

And yes, it is indeed just a shadow — a boob shadow, to be exact. Presumably, Calvin Klein could have opted to photoshop it. But on the other hand, once you realize it’s just a shadow, it’s pretty obvious.

Luckily, everyone’s arms are accounted for and totally normal in the other shots from the campaign shared by the sisters and the Calvin Klein Instagram account. (And Kylie’s still styled conspicuously to hide a pregnancy.)

And in other Kardashian-Jenner-Klein conspiracies: is that even Khloe?

According to HelloGiggles, the campaign marks the first time Kim, Kendall, Kylie, Khloe and Kourtney have posted together in a public photo in several months. No doubt once all (!) the babies are born, there will be some mega family photo shoot. After all, as Kim told Vogue, “family is everything.”