No, Kim Kardashian hasn’t been replaced by a look-a-like


Kim Kardashian hasn’t been replaced by a lookalike so much as she’s been done in by a bad case of photoshop.

There are terrible photoshop hack jobs, and then there’s whatever happened to Kim Kardashian West. A recent Calvin Klein ad has thrown the internet — not just Kim’s fans — into a fervor over how poorly edited the photo is.

It’s no secret that spreads like this are altered, but this one is so drastically bad that people are actually under the impression that Kim has been abducted and replaced (well, maybe not the abducted part but this ad is criminal).

Here’s some evidence, perhaps the most damning piece of evidence, that people have been pointing to as proof that Kim has been replaced:

That’s aggressively bad. There’s terrible photoshop and then whatever the hell this second-rate job is. Everyone knows that these magazine spreads are largely touched up, but there’s a difference between doing what is needed and just mailing it in.

It’s not like this is a case where it was a poor job concealing anything (like we’ve seen in the past where someone’s body looks contorted). This is just embarrassingly bad, made worse by the fact it’s a Calvin Klein spread.

Kim is gorgeous on her own and doesn’t need this kind of photoshop nightmare to remind us of that fact.