Paris Hilton morphs into Kim Kardashian in new Yeezy Season 6 photos


If there was a beef between Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, you’d never know it now. 

Paris Hilton debuted a new set of photos on Wednesday that have got people talking about her famous friendship with Kim Kardashian again. After learning that Kim would definitely be invited to her upcoming wedding, it looks like Kim and Paris have been bonding over way more than wedding vibes.

Lately, Kim and Paris have been looking like twins. Literally. To further promote Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 6 collection, Paris Hilton donned the same duds as Kim Kardashian did and copied her exact poses from those recent pics the KUWTK star posted to promote her husband’s brand.

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This time around, fans weren’t fooled by Paris’ photos though, we knew they weren’t paparazzi shots. Instead, there were a lot of questions about why Paris would be willing to “copy KIm,” even if it was for a photoshoot. Also, are Kim and Paris going to be best friends again?

Paris shared three new photos of herself wearing Yeezy apparel. The first showed the hotel heiress donning the same platinum tresses as Kim while walking with a water bottle while wearing the same style and color sports bra, leggings and jacket that Kim did in a similar photo.

The second Paris Hilton photo also perfectly mimicked Kim Kardashian in the same sports bra top but paired with baggier pants and boots for a more dressed up look. In this photo, Paris was carrying a lollipop while Kim carried a smoothie in her photo.

The third and final Paris Hilton lookalike photo showed Paris taking a selfie while wearing the sports bra, leggings, and sherpa lined jacket.

Kim posted all of the Paris photos to her Instagram as well, giving her a huge shout out with the hashtag #ForeverTheOG. She also posted one more photo that Paris didn’t share where the hotel heiress is wearing a dark grey sweatshirt and matching workout shorts.

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We’ve gathered all of the photos of Paris Hilton and their matching Kim Kardashian photos so that fans can see just how much the former BFFs were twinning in the photos. With this latest move by Kim and Paris, we also can’t help but wonder if that means that they might end up being close friends again. After all, a Paris cameo on Keeping Up With The Kardashians would be pretty cool.