Blac Chyna is not amused by Kim Kardashian’s Valentine’s Day gift


There was no doubt that someone on Kim Kardashian’s list of haters would be offended and it’s not shocking that the someone is Blac Chyna. 

A couple of days ago, Kim Kardashian shared a pile of carefully arranged, color-coded sticky notes. She told fans that she was sending out her new Kimoji Hearts fragrances to her friends and family for Valentine’s Day. She also sent bottles her haters because, according to KIm, she wants everyone to enjoy their day this year.

Clearly, Kim knew that she was throwing major shade int he form of a press box filled with a chocolate heart shell with a bottle of her Bae fragrance inside. All of her haters, including Blac Chyna, got the blue bottle as denoted by the blue sticky notes from the Snapchat video.

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If you are wondering how Blac Chyna felt about all that, TMZ  has the answer. While they reported that in-person contact with Rob Kardashian’s ex got them nowhere, a source close to Chyna revealed that she’s really angry about Kim Kardashian’s gift.

Apparently, Blac Chyna doesn’t think Kim was sending out those Valentine’s Day gifts out of the goodness of her heart. Instead, the source told TMZ that Kim Kardashian is “mean” and that she was “being a bully” by sending gifts to her haters.

Pushing the complaint even further, Blac Chyna reportedly feels like Kim was just using those that she doesn’t like or who have spoken out against her in order to promote her product. How that would work is pretty unclear since Kim also has revealed that the Kimoji Hearts fragrances Bae, BFF, and Ride or Die were already nearly sold out on the day that they launched. Also, they aren’t being restocked.

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In any case, Blac Chyna has a really great ability to turn everything that the Kardashians do into a personal affront. Just like the way she still claims they tanked her reality series Rob & Chyna. Did anyone think that show was coming back after the epic meltdown Rob had AFTER she sent him a video of herself kissing another man? Nah, just ask Chyna. It was the Kardashian family, out to get her again. And she wonders why they fought so hard to keep her from trademarking their name.

Blac Chyna definitely can take several seats. While she’s sitting down, she probably should spray that Bae fragrance all over herself.