Kylie Jenner Instagram update answers last name questions about baby Stormi


Some think that the update Kylie Jenner made on Instagram yesterday is proof that she and Travis Scott are doing just fine. 

So we know that Kylie Jenner has named her new baby Stormi. However, there were questions about what the baby’s last name would be. After all, she’s not married to Travis Scott and that’s not his real name anyway.

Would it be Jenner or Scott or would they use Travis’ real last name? It turns out that Kylie and Travis have done the latter and gave baby Stormi his real last name.

Kylie Jenner made that clear last night when she updated her original Stormi post and added Webster to it. Welcome to the world, Stormi Webster!

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As far as the current state of Kylie’s relationship with Travis, it looks like maybe all the break up rumors were wrong. Travis has been a pretty active part of Kylie’s life even when he was out on tour through most of the pregnancy.

Travis was all set to perform at a pre-Super Bowl show but canceled everything, including his tour stops, once she went into the labor. The “Butterfly Effect” rapper has been by her side and spending time with their daughter ever since.

Despite already practically living with Kylie when he’s in Los Angeles, Travis Scott is also looking to buy property near Kylie and his daughter. The rapper is reportedly looking for a bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills so he can be close by.

Based on all of the recent closeness and baby Stormi getting her dad’s real last name, it looks like Travis and Kylie are doing just fine in the relationship department. Considering how early into their relationship that she got pregnant, it’s not entirely surprising that they might choose not to officially live in the same home but that doesn’t mean they aren’t staying together when he’s in town.

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