Kylie Jenner hires help for Stormi despite not wanting a nanny


After wanting to do everything herself, Kylie Jenner has reportedly hired help. 

It has only been two weeks since Kylie Jenner welcomed her daughter, Stormi into this crazy world. Everyone learned about the arrival on Superbowl Sunday. It was a shock because, for several months, Jenner hid out and refused to comment on the pregnancy rumors. Now, we have a birth announcement ahead of an actual confirmation. Only in the KarJenner world would something like this make sense.

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Fans are learning bits and pieces of what is happening with Kylie Jenner and her little girl Stormi through social media and speculation. Initially, mom wanted to attempt to be as hands-on as she could, avoiding any nanny help. Unfortunately, Jenner’s family is incredibly busy and depending on them isn’t as easy as she thought it would be.

It looks like Kylie Jenner broke down and now, she has reportedly hired a nanny to help with Stormi. With all of the money at her disposal, hiring someone to help is a good idea, especially with her first child.

While there are critics bashing the young mom for asking for help, her fans are supporting her decision to accept help. Jenner will likely still be hands-on all the way, but a nanny is something all of her siblings have used as well. There is no shame in having someone else around to care for and love your child.

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The young makeup mogul is also venturing out of her house for small outings. It has been quite some time since fans have seen her out and about, and this is exciting news. Kylie Jenner is back!