Kylie Jenner is being mom-shamed and the reason is ridiculous


Kylie Jenner is being welcomed into the world of motherhood with plenty of judgments. 

Just a month into welcoming her first child, Kylie Jenner is being slammed by critics for the most ridiculous reason. Stormi was born on February 1, but the world didn’t know about her until February 4. Jenner kept her entire pregnancy to herself, but documented it and shared it with fans after the birth announcement.

It isn’t shocking that Kylie Jenner opted to keep her pregnancy to herself after seeing some of the comments fans make about her on social media. This is Jenner’s first child, and she has reportedly been incredibly hands-on with her. Just this past Thursday, Kylie shared a photo of herself with the newborn as they celebrated the one-month milestone.

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Instead of commenting on how amazing Kylie Jenner looks after giving birth, some people are focused on her nails. She has always worn her nails long, even pre-baby. Jenner showed off her pink nails on Snapchat several times while carrying Stormi in her belly. These critics are criticizing the young mom for having her nails too long. It is amazing how you just acclimate to things when it becomes your new norm.

If you read through the comments on social media, it is appalling. Having long nails doesn’t mean you’re any less a competent mother. Kylie Jenner’s nails aren’t even super long.

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I am #TeamKylie on this one. I have long nails and manage to change my twins’ diapers and have for nearly two years. Jenner is fully capable of being the hands-on mom she is said to be. This is just ridiculous, even more so than some of their other gripes.