Working out like Kourtney Kardashian


How do you get the Kardashian body without the Kardashian money? Take a look at Kourtney Kardashian’s method.

Kourtney Kardashian may be the oldest Kardashian/Jenner sister, but she certainly doesn’t look the part. At almost 40 years old, Kourtney has managed to keep up her looks as if she’s in her twenties. Many of us want to know how she does it. We know her meal plans and diets, but we don’t know her exercise habits.

Any Kardashian fan knows that working out is an important part in the lives of the Kardashian family. However, it can be a little frustrating trying to follow your celebrity idol’s workout plan when you don’t have a personal trainer or a gym membership. Lucky for us, Kourtney Kardashian’s workout plan is easy to do at home.

Insider reports that Kourtney’s personal trainer recommends warming up with a jump rope. Jump roping uses the major muscles in your body. Jump ropes are easy to find, you can get one at your local department store. This is a low-cost workout that will work your whole body.

Another great full-body workout is hiking. While we may not all have access to a hiking trail, we can all try to walk through the hilly sections of our neighborhoods. Walking and hiking on different levels of terrain creates a better workout for your core muscles.

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We can also incorporate squat cleans, burpees, mountain climbers, leg lifts, and kickbacks to workouts for that extra push. If you’re feeling gutsy, try boxing! It’s one of Kourtney’s favorite workouts. Already doing this and want more? Follow one of her workout circuits on her YouTube channel!

Exercise is an important part of being healthy- no doubt about it. We may not all achieve the perfect Kardashian body, but at least we can take their advice. Here’s to more cardio in our future!