Kylie Jenner no longer sharing photos of Stormi’s face


Kylie Jenner has fans wondering what’s going on after she deleted all pictures of baby Stormi’s face from social media.

Kylie Jenner has a history of being a bit secretive. Fans were left speculating and feeding off of rumors through her whole pregnancy. We didn’t get any legitimate information about the baby or her pregnancy until after Stormi was already born.

Although this was frustrating for some fans, it does make sense. Kylie wanted to focus on her baby and family when she was pregnant, there was no need for the rest of the world to know every little detail. Once the pregnancy was made public, Kylie posted pictures of baby Stormi all over her social media accounts.

Once pictures of Stormi started circulating the web, fans went crazy. Rumors started that Stormi’s father wasn’t Travis Scott, but that it was Kylie’s body guard. Among the crazy rumors, people even started making fun of baby Stormi’s looks and leaving unnecessary and rude comments on Kylie’s social media pages. Fans became suspicious when Kylie posted a picture where she had obviously cropped Stormi out.

According to People, many fans wanted to know why Stormi was cropped out of the picture. “Yeah I cut my baby out. I’m not sharing photos of my girl right now,” the model posted in the comment section.

It’s safe to say that Kylie wanted her family life to be out of the public eye. Kylie never had a normal life herself, so it’s possible that she wants Stormi to have the most normal life she can. It’s her mother’s intuition to leave her daughter off of social media. There’s no reason for Stormi to have issues with her self esteem because fans won’t keep negative comments to themselves.

And for the last time, the baby belongs to Travis Scott.