Kendall Jenner seen in sexy lingerie in ad with Bella Hadid


Kendall Jenner did a sultry ad with Bella Hadid after spending the weekend getting it on with Bella’s brother, Anwar.

As Cyndi Lauper said, “girls just wanna have fun.” It looks like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid had a lot of fun while filming an ad over the past week. The two models are dressed as cowgirls in the ad, who reveal their sexy lingerie as the ad progresses.

Kendall is seen showing off a lacy black bra in the ad, while Bella is a bit more exposed. She reveals that she has nothing on under her shirt but a whole lot of cleavage. According to HollywoodLife, there is a longer clip of the ad on Dsquared2’s website. In the extended version, two men are seen joining the young women in an outdated hotel room.

It was surprising to see the ad drop yesterday after the Hadid sisters expressed that they were hurt when Kendall hurt their younger brother Anwar. Things got hot and heavy with Anwar, but Kendall returned home and was spotted with Ben Simmons. Just as the Kardashian/Jenner family is protective of their own, the Hadid sisters are protective of their younger brother. Hopefully things smooth over and Kendall hasn’t ruined her friendship with the family.

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Kendall Jenner might be a heartbreaker, but she knows how to leave us wanting more. This ad is sure to bring a lot of attention to her and Bella, as well as Kendall’s outing with Anwar. And who knows, this ad could bring another man into Kendall’s life. Whatever happens from here, we hope that Anwar is able to forgive the young model and enjoy the work she does with his sisters. We will definitely be waiting to hear if Anwar has anything to say about this ad in upcoming weeks.