Rob Kardashian enjoys gossiping with Lamar Odom


Rob Kardashian was recently seen chatting it up with Khloe’s ex husband, Lamar Odom.

Rob Kardashian is loved and admired by his sisters. He is the brother that will do anything for them, except change his choice in friends. Rob is still good friends with Lamar Odom, despite all of the trouble the basketball star caused Khloe. According to HollywoodLife, the two spent time bashing Tristan Thompson during the NBA Finals.

Neither of the men like Tristan Thompson for different reasons. Rob doesn’t like Tristan after the cheating scandal. Rob believes his sister deserves better than someone who cheated on her. Although Lamar put Khloe through a lot of turmoil, Rob still likes Lamar a lot better than Tristan.

Lamar appears to be upset for different reasons. Lamar still has feelings for Khloe, so it’s only natural that he is jealous of Tristan. Khloe cared for Lamar and helped him more than anyone else when he couldn’t return the favor to her. Her heart of gold made him love her more.

Lamar’s feelings have been stirred up recently since Khloe announced that she was having a baby with Tristan. Khloe has always been a nurturing person, especially for Lamar. He probably thought that he and Khloe would be starting a family together. Seeing Khloe start a family with someone else has stirred up a lot of emotions in her former lover.

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Regardless of Rob and Lamar’s feelings, Khloe looks happy with her life. She has been very excited to be a mother for a really long time. Her posts on social media show that she is over the moon with joy about having her daughter and finally starting her family. Although we don’t approve of cheating spouses, the youngest Kardashian sister is living her life the way she wants to, and that’s all that matters.