Khloe Kardashian is super proud of Rob Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian kicks off Father’s Day weekend by posting a thoughtful message about her brother Rob on her app.

Khloe Kardashian has us crying tears of joy. Her loving nature for her family stays strong no matter what she goes through. As Father’s Day approaches, we’re all waiting for everyone’s thoughtful and loving posts on social media about their husbands and fathers. Our sweet Khloe decided to dedicate one post to her brother, Rob.

The last year has been rough for Rob. His abusive relationship with Blac Chyna ended, resulting in a lot of stress and lawyers. Despite the drama, Rob takes great care of his daughter, Dream, and even spends time working on himself. He tries his best to be healthy and be a good father despite his battle with depression. Khloe thinks that Rob is doing a fantastic job.

On the post in her app, Khloe says that she is so proud of Rob. She makes it clear that Rob reminds her very much of their own late father. Aside from similarities in personality and always putting family first, Khloe is happy that Rob has decided to keep the family’s Armenian roots in Dream’s life as he raises her.

Rob has really stepped it up since he became a dad. Despite Blac Chyna’s attempts at getting the Kardashian fame and money, any grudges he holds don’t impact Dream’s life. He is raising Dream to be close to her family members and to value family above everything else, the true Kardashian way.

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Khloe’s post about Rob was very sweet, but it has left some fans wondering if she will be making a post about Tristan Thompson, the father of her own child. Although Cosmopolitan doesn’t think that she will, we’ll wait to see if she has anything to say.