Kim Kardashian posts short but sweet tribute to Kanye West


Kim Kardashian posts a sweet tribute to Kanye West on Instagram this Father’s Day, after a post about her own late father.

Kim Kardashian makes sure that we know how important her family is to her almost every day of the year. Father’s Day is no different. Kim’s father passed away in 2003. Fifteen years later, her love for him is just as strong as it was before.

After sharing a post about her own father, Kim posed a short but caring tribute to Kanye West, her husband and the father of her three kids. This picture shows a side of Kanye that we don’t get to see, a much softer and more personal state for the rapper. Despite busy work schedules, Kim and Kanye spend a lot of time with their family and love doing it.

Although this message seems stereotypical and rather short, there is a lot more meaning packed behind those words. Not only can these two high profile celebrities set time aside to make sure their family is taken care of, they are deeply in love with each other and the family they created.

As ENews reports, pregnancy was not an easy thing for Kim Kardashian. She struggled with her first two children. Pregnancy was not a happy time for Kim and she did not enjoy it. Kim and Kanye’s third child, Chicago, was carried via surrogate. Although this wasn’t an easy decision to make, it was the most healthy decision for the couple to make for their family.

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Through thick and thin, Kim and Kanye always have each other’s backs. They stand up for each other, for their kids, and for the rest of their family. We don’t get to see the softer side of celebrities very often, so this is a small chance to enjoy it.