Scott Disick spends Father’s Day out to lunch with kids and Sofia Richie


Scott Disick spends Father’s Day with his three children. Kourtney Kardashian was nowhere in sight this time around.

Scott Disick had a lovely Father’s Day lunch with his three children in Malibu on Sunday. His girlfriend, Sofia Richie, attended lunch too. Although things have been rough, Kourtney trusts Sofia enough around the kids now for them to all have lunch together.

Scott Disick proudly shows off his kids whenever he can, and this is no exception. Obviously the three children think the world of their dad, no matter what the situation is between him and Kourtney.

Scott and Kourtney coparent very well. We have seen Kourtney be extremely protective of her children, and who can blame her? However, it is nice to see Scott be able to be a father to his children with ease. Before Father’s Day, he enjoyed a vacation to St. Bart’s with the kids as well, showing us several cute pictures via Instagram.

Despite all of the different rumors circulating about Scott and Sofia’s relationship, the 39 year old is handling all aspects of his life with ease. It’s good to see him being a responsible adult and being around his kids so often. Although many of us doubted that Scott would ever grow up, he’s coming along nicely. His relationship with his children is stronger than ever.

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Aside from his relationship with his children, People reports that Scott’s relationship with Sofia Richie is becoming more serious as well. The couple has been together for several months now and things seem to be settling down. Although they aren’t in the honeymoon phase anymore, they are able to move past their hard times and work things out.

We are very hopeful that Scott and Sofia will be able to work with Kourtney in order to create a strong relationship with the three children.