Kim Kardashian’s kids have no idea how famous they are


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don’t allow their famous lives interfere with their family at home.

Kim Kardashian spent a recent interview on ITV’s This Morning talking about how her family handles their fame. Kim says that her kids have no idea how famous they all are, they just live a normal life at home. Keeping the fame out of their children’s lives helps keep things less stressful between the family of five.

People reports that Kim Kardashian enjoys the fact that her children don’t know how famous she is. Being at a home is a break from her busy famous life. At home, Kim and Kanye get a break from the intensity of celebrity life and get to be themselves. It really shows in all of their family photos too!

Kim often talks with her mother and sisters about how much has changed since they became famous. Although their lives are vastly different, they have all stayed the same people that they were before. Their personalities are steadfast throughout the years.

Although it is hard to keep fame a secret when your family has its own television series, it’s a choice that we respect. Kim and Kanye’s children deserve the chance to live life as normal as possible. The three children live life as children instead of celebrities, something that all children need to be able to do no matter how famous they are.

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In recent years, Kim Kardashian has opened up about a lot of personal issues she battles every day. From her problems during pregnancy to her body insecurities, Kim has always been real with us about what she’s going through. It’s wonderful to see that Kim can be her normal self at home with her husband and children too.